Monday, October 7, 2013

Discussing Just Juice by Karen Hesse

Partner Work from Ms. Scarborough on Vimeo.

Students are engaged in reading response partnerships after a read aloud, Just Juice by Karen Hesse.  In shared discussion we can build upon the ideas of each other. The graphic organizer the kids are writing in show both their independent thinking and their partners' thinking.  Here the kids are discussing how the father, "Pa", was focused on figuring his troubles with the tax on the house out later not thinking that he could solve the issue now by facing it and talking to "Ma".  Lucas states that he should of done something when the second tax letter came.  May states he's focused on the consequences that might happen instead of what is actually happening now.  Both students are inferring big ideas.  May offers the reason behind why he didn't do something about the second tax letter.

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