Sunday, January 19, 2014

Room 317 Writes Feature Articles on China

Crafting A Definition:  Feature articles are written to inform readers about something they never realized could be so complex and interesting. A feature article contains facts about a topic and one or more of the following: opinion, strong voice and story.

What We Did:  We began by immersing ourselves in the genre: reading, studying and discussing anchor texts as inspiration to guide our writing. We used books, articles, the Internet and first-hand observations to gather facts. Our reflections on the facts we gathered helped us connect our research to the outside world and ourselves and discover topics we feel strongly about.

How We Learned:  Lessons asked us to think about the structure of an article, choosing a topic, how facts work to support an author’s position, learning how a story can support your article’s facts, reflecting on the facts we researched to come up with our opinions and crafting catchy titles.

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